Straws, Bras & Automobiles!

Why start here? besides the fact that this title is gold, I found these three products the funnest to switch up in my life.


Let’s start with the straw- the best way to keep your lipstick from smudging and yourself hydrated fully during those sizzling months.

Those little sippers add up to a HUGE problem for our planet. We use approx. 500 straws every day (that’s enough to circle the planet 2.5 times) – sad!

I stumbled on this beauty after a few failed attempts at using metal and glass straws. Thank goodness for my best friend, Rachel, who introduced me to THE FINAL STRAW. This has been a game changer because not only is it reusable- its collapsible!

You can choose the color of the case AND of the straw to make sure it fits your mood. I opted for the Sea-Tur Teal and a Rainbow Straw. Not exaggerating, this is my favorite purchase of the year. Sorry Amazon!

This super cute keychain has made my sbux habit more sustainable-

Check it out here!


Ah, the bra- nothing like wire cutting into your boobs all day or the feeling that you are being gripped around the ribs by king king. I’m a firm believer in the idea that you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. As a momma, I have to figure out the situation with the girls. After hours of research I realized that not only is it super hard to find a bra that I like, but it was even harder to find one that was sustainable!

Below is a list of products I found and will try. I will definitely update this article with my findings. I will note most of these are international because let’s be real, the US isn’t yet sold on the fact that the planet and its resources are finite and important. As mommas, we know better!

The Very Good Bra (said to be the world’s first zero waste bra):

Proclaim: I love that this LA based company uses recycled materials and body-inclusive models!

Free Label: I am eager to try this Canadian based company (not local but at least a bit closer than the UK). While everything looks to be sold out at the moment, I will post again when I can share a review!


This is where it starts to get fun! Just kidding, it’s already fun. With a family, it’s hard to go zero impact with transportation. I found a three person tandem bike, but that might be taking it a bit too far right now. After all, it can be steps in the right direction, not perfection. Here’s where my hunt for a low emission vehicle went…

When I started to hear my old Honda CRV breathing it’s last few breaths, I knew it would be my opportunity to make a big switch to electric. As much as I persisted showing my husband the research as to why a Tesla would save us money in the long run, he wasn’t buying it. With both of us trying to save money and living in a pricy city, I would have to be more economical with my purchase. Another fun fact about living in the Pacific NW- you need AWD unless you don’t want to drive 6 months out of the year.

Right, so my criteria was that it needed to be an electric car, with AWD, that wouldn’t break the bank, that could fit my 6ft3in husband, could be big enough for a paddle board or camping and had a solid backup plan for energy in case I needed to do a road trip and there wasn’t a charging station nearby (I am good at planning but could not even begin to think of how I would navigate that one). Guess what I found?!


Back at the drawing board, I knew I would need to compromise with my criteria. There were so many electric cars PLANNED to come out in the next few years, but I couldn’t wait that long. [Enter a beautiful Lunar Rock colored suv]

After searching for hybrids, I fell in love with the TOYOTA RAV 4 HYBRID . This small SUV is EPA rated 40 mpg which is still a big improvement compared to a 28mpg vehicle it’s size. Sure, there are more efficient hybrids out there like the Prius AWD-e at 50mpg or the Corolla hybrid at 53 mpg, but nothing I found in an SUV. So, here we are- a year in and I still LOVE my Rav 4. It drives like a dream, fits the entire fam bam and does a little bit to save our planet- Win!

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