Where to Start?

A new habit, routine or system in your life is hardest at the very beginning. There are a few people in my life that I have looked to help me get started with my sustainability journey over the last year. I call them my “sustainability guides.” No one intentionally makes purchases or life choices to harm the planet, but that is why learning and staying open to the advice of people that can guide you is so important. One of my most beloved guides is a peer of mine at work. Her name is Becca and she is a co-founder of “partners for sustainability” within my company. When I told her about the big switches I wanted to make in my life, it was met with support, encouragement and resources. She never once made me feel guilty or bad that I had not yet caught up to the rest of the eco friendly society. Her view has always been: do what you can, and let go of guilt.

The big takeaways from this amazing woman?!

  1. Start small! Change your napkins to reusable cloth napkins and then find little changes in your everyday.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t always get it right! Play the long game and try your best when and where you can.
  3. Reuse, recycle, upcycle or trade clothes and jewelry! Sign up for ‘Ridwell’ or find someone who already has and share in the fun!

Becca’s favorites: “It is a tie between my reusable face wipes that I use to take off face masks like a tiny washcloth and my reusable wool dryer balls that I dab essential oils on, they make my clothes smell really good!”

Check out the full interview with Becca here!

If you are looking to find more resources to get started, great news! I am working on sifting through that for you. Just sit back, grab some tea, and check back weekly!

To Subscribe or Not to Subscribe, That Is The Question

Article Currently UnderWay

Subscription boxes are a great, cost effective way to get started. Here are some subscriptions I am currently doing recon on. I will post a new article soon with my findings!

  • Conscious Box
  • Kinder Beauty
  • Kiwi Box
  • Grove Collaborative
  • Earth Love
  • Kinder Beauty
  • Globlin
  • Women’s collective box
  • Bold Box

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