Finding Your Eco Champions

When I started to think about turning my interest in doing my part to save the planet into action, I knew I needed to do a LOT of listening, learning and understanding. I asked questions like:

“What changes in my life could make the biggest impact?”

“How can I do this in a cost effective way?”

“How will I bring my family along with me rather than doing something TO them?”

In order to get the answers to my questions, I needed to get steeped into the eco community and lean on Eco Champions that have been solving these problems for a very long time. The bottom of this post has links to some of my favorite ECO Champions that you might like!

I will not pretend to say I have even begun to answer all of these questions for my family, but that’s why we are here!!

One amazing champion I talked to recently is Jen Kattula. As a fellow Blogging Jennifer, I knew we would hit it off right away. She has a wonderful blog (We Are The Modern Homestead). She is one smart cookie and a super busy working mom. We are both relatively new to the blogging scene so I spent some time understanding what her family’s journey has been like and where she has found big wins in trying to transform the way her family lives.

Here are some fantastic takeaways from our time together:

What got her interested in an Sustainable Living and blogging? She began by trying to eliminate toxins in her home when her son was born. When you are a new mom, you are suddenly hyper aware of the chemicals in everyday products that may effect your new bundle. As she starting to find homemade alternatives to things like lotion and detergents, she realized how much waste there had been before. Once you see that, it is hard to unsee. As for blogging, this busy working mom will keep rocking and sharing with other families what has worked for her so make sure you subscribe!

What big tips did she share for other eco families out there? Making stuff at home is easier than you think! Buy in bulk, and make simple recipes that last way longer than a bottle off the shelf. Check out her post on great homemade recipes like baby lotion and face oil.

Jen and I have decided to keep eachother going and hold one another accountable along our journeys as eco mommies. The best eco champions are those who don’t judge you for doing your best and can give you ideas while keeping you inspired. Thank you Jen- you inspire me!

Here are Eco Champions You Should Follow on Instagram!

I Want To Hear From You!

Who are the Eco Champions that inspire you?

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